World Peace Cookies

World Peace Cookies… comforting is that? The mere thought makes me want to carry a few extra during the day, just in case. I baked these cookies tonight and the chocolate aroma wafting through the house is mighty comforting also. I followed Dorie’s baking instructions very closely, and removed them from the oven at exactly 12 minutes, and yes, like Dorie said, they did not look quite done, but I took them out anyway. They firmed up as the directions said they would, and they are delicious. Very chocolatey, VERY good. Not a heavy cookie at all, a lightly crunchy cookie with great chocolate flavor.

If these cookies could be served at every negotiation table…..just think?image

Fluted Carrot Tangerine Cake…a light surprise!

imageTheoretically, desserts should disappear from my house after the holidays, but the Fluted Carrot Tangerine Cake captivated my heart and I had to make it! It has grated carrot in it, it HAS to be healthy, right? Another health conscious thought….the pan it bakes in is only about 1-inch deep, so portion control has already been considered. It was all the convincing I needed, as I took my peeler out of the drawer and removed a carrot from the fridge.

The cake mixes together fairly quickly and bakes in about 30 minutes, so it’s quite easy to prepare. To help keep calories at bay, I opted out of glazing the cake. We enjoyed it with a cup of coffee, and I will say I really loved the moistness of this cake. I used orange rind, since that’s what I had in the house, and enjoyed citrus flavor in every bite. The grated carrot gives each slice of cake such a pretty look.

All in all, I don’t feel too much damage was done to the diet; it’s a light, moist, very fresh tasting treat! Lemon zest could easily be substituted for orange for a variation.



Chocolate Covered Toffee Breakups……..

What's NOT to love about these?

What’s NOT to love about these?

…..a wonderful treat to have on hand, especially with the holidays coming up. Having never made toffee before, I was expecting this to be a more challenging recipe, not really expecting my first attempt to turn out as well as it did! We even ate more than we should have! I had to put what was left in the freezer!

I had my greased, parchment paper-lined cookie sheet ready, My almonds toasted and chopped, my wet and dry ingredients measured and on stand by, my chocolate ready to melt, my candy thermometer attached to the side of the pan…let’s just say I was much more prepared than I usually am when trying a recipe for the first time.

I found that it went together fairly quickly, and the results exceeded my expectations! I wanted to be sure the chocolate would stick to the toffee, so I followed Dorie’s suggestion to wipe the surface of the toffee with a dampened paper towel, to remove any butter that might be lingering.

I broke the toffee into different sized pieces, aiming to please different appetites, even mine at different times off the day. With the holidays just around the corner, I will definitely add this recipe to my favorites to give as gifts!

Apple Pielettes….a wonderful Fall treat!

They went together easily, they look impressive, and best news of all, they are delicious! I was expecting them to be more difficult to make, but a quick mix in the food processor for the crust and easy assembly of the apple pie filling, created a showstopper of a dessert. I added dried apricots and raisins with the chopped apples, giving the Pielette the perfect balance of sweet, but not overly so. The galette dough has more “stretchability” than my regular pie dough, allowing the filling to “stretch” to touch the bottom of the muffin pan all by itself! This would be a wonderful addition to a dessert table!

You don't even need a fork!

You don’t even need a fork!

Tiger Cakes Challenge

I likewise had the same trouble removing them from the pan. I individually greased each cup, but chocolate pieces sticking to the bottom seemed to be the culprit; nothing stuck on the sides. I left some in the pan, thinking removal might be easier if they were cooler, but no, nothing changed. They looked horrible, but tasted wonderful.It became a challenge to me and I had to try again. Since chocolate on the bottom was the issue, with the 2nd batch, I put a tsp. of plain batter in the bottom of each cup, then added the chocolate pieces to the remaining batter. Perfection! The tiger cakes slid right out of the pans with the 2nd batch when I turned the pans over!


Can you tell which Tiger Cakes stuck in the pan?

Can you tell which Tiger Cakes stuck in the pan?

They are so delicious, I have kept both batches. Some will be go on a pretty plate to work with me, others will be put in the freezer for days when my husband and I want a little sweet treat to go with a cup of coffee on a weekend afternoon. Yummy!

Well worth making again!

Well worth making again!

Why did I wait to make the Apple Kuchen?

I have been looking at the Apple Kuchen recipe for the entire month of September, and it was not until September 28th that I made it because I knew I was running out of month! I admit that I put off making it because the recipe looked like more investment of time than I was willing to put in. Last night I put everything else on hold and made this dessert. I have been baking for more years than I can count and this Apple Kuchen is without a doubt one of my top 10 baking recipes off all time! It is not only spectacularly beautiful, but each bite is sweet, tender, crunchy, and creamy at the same time! The finished Kuchen is elegant looking. The square shaped apples, (I used Gala), give this dessert a very unique, classy look and baking it in a springform pan makes it look like it was created by a professional. The recipe states it can be served either hot or cold; I chilled it in the fridge overnight and served it cold the following day. Absolutely delicious! I will definitely make this again!

Apple Kuchen