Love the Crispy-Topped Brown Sugar Bars!

This is a quick treat to put together! I made the Rice Krispies topping first. I’m glad the recipe mentioned that the sugar may smoke during the last steps of coating the Rice Krispies with sugar after returning the cereal to the pan, because I may have panicked otherwise and felt I did something wrong.

The combination of the buttery biscuit, combined with the chocolate and crunchy, sweetened cereal topping, made a delightful package to enjoy. I liked the suggestion of using the remaining cereal topping over ice cream, but I’m afraid it will have to wait until I make another batch…’s quite delicious on its own!




The Lemon Madeleines are Full of Flavor!

imageWhat a wonderful citrusy treat! It’s amazing how much lemon flavor is provided by the zest of one lemon! A very moist and flavorful sponge cake. I whisked the egg-sugar mixture by hand. The recipe said it may take a few minutes for the mixture to thicken up, but I whisked for closer to 7 minutes. My Madeleines had a beautiful browned, rounded back, but did not have the “bump” that is so enviable. My next time around, I’ll try beating the egg-sugar mixture with my mixer, to see if that helps create a bump. It’s now a challenge for me! I may even try substituting orange or lime zest for the lemon zest.