Why did I wait to make the Apple Kuchen?

I have been looking at the Apple Kuchen recipe for the entire month of September, and it was not until September 28th that I made it because I knew I was running out of month! I admit that I put off making it because the recipe looked like more investment of time than I was willing to put in. Last night I put everything else on hold and made this dessert. I have been baking for more years than I can count and this Apple Kuchen is without a doubt one of my top 10 baking recipes off all time! It is not only spectacularly beautiful, but each bite is sweet, tender, crunchy, and creamy at the same time! The finished Kuchen is elegant looking. The square shaped apples, (I used Gala), give this dessert a very unique, classy look and baking it in a springform pan makes it look like it was created by a professional. The recipe states it can be served either hot or cold; I chilled it in the fridge overnight and served it cold the following day. Absolutely delicious! I will definitely make this again!

Apple Kuchen

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