Tiger Cakes Challenge

I likewise had the same trouble removing them from the pan. I individually greased each cup, but chocolate pieces sticking to the bottom seemed to be the culprit; nothing stuck on the sides. I left some in the pan, thinking removal might be easier if they were cooler, but no, nothing changed. They looked horrible, but tasted wonderful.It became a challenge to me and I had to try again. Since chocolate on the bottom was the issue, with the 2nd batch, I put a tsp. of plain batter in the bottom of each cup, then added the chocolate pieces to the remaining batter. Perfection! The tiger cakes slid right out of the pans with the 2nd batch when I turned the pans over!


Can you tell which Tiger Cakes stuck in the pan?

Can you tell which Tiger Cakes stuck in the pan?

They are so delicious, I have kept both batches. Some will be go on a pretty plate to work with me, others will be put in the freezer for days when my husband and I want a little sweet treat to go with a cup of coffee on a weekend afternoon. Yummy!

Well worth making again!

Well worth making again!

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