Apple Pielettes….a wonderful Fall treat!

They went together easily, they look impressive, and best news of all, they are delicious! I was expecting them to be more difficult to make, but a quick mix in the food processor for the crust and easy assembly of the apple pie filling, created a showstopper of a dessert. I added dried apricots and raisins with the chopped apples, giving the Pielette the perfect balance of sweet, but not overly so. The galette dough has more “stretchability” than my regular pie dough, allowing the filling to “stretch” to touch the bottom of the muffin pan all by itself! This would be a wonderful addition to a dessert table!

You don't even need a fork!

You don’t even need a fork!


5 thoughts on “Apple Pielettes….a wonderful Fall treat!

    • I can’t wait to make this month’s treats! Looking forward to the pear cranberry tart this weekend! I’m glad you like the header. It’s from a picture I took in a tiny bakery in Paris a few years ago. I never pass up a chance to visit a bakery!


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