World Peace Cookies

World Peace Cookies… comforting is that? The mere thought makes me want to carry a few extra during the day, just in case. I baked these cookies tonight and the chocolate aroma wafting through the house is mighty comforting also. I followed Dorie’s baking instructions very closely, and removed them from the oven at exactly 12 minutes, and yes, like Dorie said, they did not look quite done, but I took them out anyway. They firmed up as the directions said they would, and they are delicious. Very chocolatey, VERY good. Not a heavy cookie at all, a lightly crunchy cookie with great chocolate flavor.

If these cookies could be served at every negotiation table…..just think?image


3 thoughts on “World Peace Cookies

  1. Sounds like most everyone had success with the 12 minute baking time. Yours look like absolute perfection. I love the idea of thinking of you carrying around a couple of spare cookies just in case. 🙂


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